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Korfowe Arabians -
breeding and racing successes of Arabian horse stud

Geographical location of the stud

Korfowe Arabians is a young and successful centre of Arabian Horse breeding, wonderfully located on the premises of a family farm, at the edge of the Kampinos National Park, about 30 km west of Warsaw on the road to Zelazowa Wola, the birthplace of Chopin.

January 1991: Alidada the first Arabian horse comes to Korfowe Arabians

Since 1989 the old grandparents' farm has been transformed into a spacious and pleasant living and working community, well integrated in the traditional village environment and already widely known for its "Polish-style" hospitality.

Although there have always been horses on the farm, including several Anglo-arabians, the first Arabian horse - the Fawor's daughter Alidada - that came to Korfowe in January 1991 has really changed our lives!

Many Arabian mares and stallions have arrived at our stud since that time. Among them were very precious mares from Michalow and Janow Podlaski that left very valuable foals and most of them are still in Korfowe.

1993: buying 10 Arabian stallions for the Polish National Circus

With a stroke of luck we were able to acquire in 1993 ten stallions from the Polish National Circus, two of which - Engar (Bandos-Engracja) and Erfurt (Bandos-Elwira) - have been used by us for breeding and have sired several outstanding foals.

Lease of stallion Biquest - the son of legendary Bask

In 1993 we also leased from the USA the stallion Biquest (Bask-Negotka). Korfowe was the first stud to bring back to Poland the blood of precious Bask.

1995: racing Stable Korfowe - the beginning of our racing adventure

During 1995 and 1996 we have trained our young horses at home and have written history with our achievements on the racetrack. It is no exaggeration to say that we have been able to break the monopoly that the state dominated Arabian studs have had in Poland since the Second World War. Korfowe horses were the first privately bred Arabians to win some of the most important races.

The year 1995 was very successful for our debuting Racing Stable.

Wadi (Wieden-Wiklina) won the very prestigious Janow Podlaski - Produce Stakes, was second in the Derby and fifth in Kabareta Stakes.

Ahmed (Wieden-Aktorka) won the Kurozweki Stakes, was third in the Derby, third in the Price of Europe.

Whiski (Wermut-Wedrowka) was second in the Koheilan I Stakes and fourth in Bialka Stakes.

Dekor beats the Warsaw Race Track record over 1600m

Dekor (Fawor-Dekada) was second in the Bialka Stakes and third in the Europejczyk Stakes. But the greatest achievement of 1995 was by our Dekor who, on 2nd of July, beat the track record over 1600m. This was the oldest existing record of the Warsaw Racetrack and belonged to stallion Farhan since 1946! We could not believe our ears to hear that he was 1,5 seconds faster than the French originating stallion of Prince Sanguszko.

1996: Racing sucess of Racing Stable Korfowe

But 1996 was even more successful.
Our horses won several races, among them the most prestigious ones.

Ahmed won for the second time the Kurozweki Stakes, was second in the Ofira Stakes and fifth in the Price of Europe.

The Janow Podlaski - Produce Stakes was won this time by Whiski, who also won the Kabareta Stakes, was fourth in the Derby and in The Price of Europe.

Wadi was third in Kurozweki Stakes, fourth in Ofira Stakes and fifth in Kabareta Stakes.

Also our young horses were very successful: Dandy (Boryslaw-Dania) won the PTHKA Stakes.

Waarabi (Boryslaw-Wedrowka) was second in Kuhailan I Stakes and fourth in the Bialka Stakes.

Paultje (Traditio-Petite Fleur) won two races, was fourth in the Kuhailan I Stakes and fifth in the Bialka Stakes.

Also Cliinntonn (dwd Tabasco-sh Carmen) won one race.

Winning DERBY - historical victory of stallion Dekor

But again the greatest horse proved to be Dekor who won the Derby as the first privately bred horse in post war Poland. Dekor led a group of 12 horses from the beginning until the end over a distance of 3000m and finally won with 6 lengths in a style that will always be remembered!
Since that day we had a real RACING STAR in our stud: unbeaten on the shortest distance (track record) and the Derby Winner!

1997: Championship victories: Eptona and Cliinntonnbecam Champions

In 1997 we decided not to continue with racing and to focus on the preparation of our horses for the Championship of the Polish Association of Arab Horse Breeders. This proved to be a right decision.

Our Eptona (Pepton-Etruska) became Senior Champion Mare and our stallion Cliinntonn (dwd Tabasco-sh Carmen) won the title of Senior Champion Stallion! He was also elected by the public "The Most Popular Horse of the Show" and his rider in the Liberty Class won the title for the best costume.

1999: Championship victory - Etruska wins the title of Senior Champion Mare and becames "The Best of Show"

In 1999 we repeated our great success. On the IV Championship Polish Association of Arab Horse Breeders our beloved Etruska (Aloes-Etruria) (following the success of her daughter in 1997) won the Class of 4-year Old and Older Broodmares, got the title of Senior Champion Mare and became the Best in Show. We always knew that we had a jewel at home - since then it was granted! Her beauty was obvious and comes with the genes: her mother Etruria was the Polish, European and World Champion Mare and her father Aloes -European Champion Stallion. beatiful parents usually have beautiful children.

Bred by us stallion Panki (Biquest-Petite Fleur) got the price for the "Best Legs of the Show".

Also two horses which were bred by us and sold to other breeders won high titles. 3-year old mare Dijala (Engar-Dania) won the Class of 3-year Old Broodmares and the mare Zaabibi (Pan-Zyada) won Liberty Class.

From that day on we had 4 real STARS in our stud: Derby winner and track record holer - Dekor and 3 Champions: Eptona, Cliinntonn and Etruska!

Active role of Korfowe Arabians in Arabian horse breeding in Poland

We at Korfowe have not only paid a lot of attention to our own horses.
In 1991 we took the initiative to establish the Polish Association of Arab Horse Breeders. From the beginning till 1999 Korfowe has taken care of its secretariat and has been a driving force behind the promotion of private breeding in Poland. Many private breeders have been able to profit from advice and support.

In 1997, we have also taken the initiative to establish the Association of  Friends of the Arabian Horse in Poland, bringing together some of the most well known artists in the country for the promotion of the Arabian Horse through the arts.

In 1999 we were co-founders of the Polish Association of Breeding of Arabian Horse which is aim is to further develop and coordinate the brivate breeding of Arabian horses in Poland.

From 1998 till 2000 three artistic plain-airs " Horse as it is..." were organised in Korfowe and which were devoted to the image of the horse in various forms of artistic expression. The teams of invited painters, graphic artists, sculptors and photographers met here for the periods of over one week and the results turned out to be very interesting. The collection were presented to the public at a variety of exhibitions in Warsaw, Poznan, Janow Podlaski.

In February 1998 Korfowe was honored to to have a visit of the highest representatives of ELDRIC - European Long Distance Commison and in December
1999 we were visited by the Board of FEI - Internatonal Equestrian Federation.

Korfowe Arabians is a publisher of 2 Bulletins: Kurier Arabski and Trybuna Korfowe.

Since 1993 Korfowe is an associate member of WAHO - World Arabian Horse Organisation.

Korfowe Arabians is a young centre of Arabian horse breeding. Already now it is a true meeting place for breeders from Poland and abroad.

You are always welcome to visit us!

The horses from Korfowe Arabians have found happy owners in Poland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Jordan, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Brasil.