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Spotkania z Warszawą, cultural kaleidoscope, april 2000
It is an activity for tough and patient people. It requires personal involvement and... first of all love. But the charm of a new born foal quickly makes you forget the nights spend on pre-birth duty in the stable.

Orzel, No 3, mai/juin 1999
Joanna est une amie de longues annees, et l'un des premiers 'noveaux eleveurs polonais de pur-sangs arabes polonais'.

Arabian Horse World, June 1997
Our dream of owning an Arabian horse came true in January 1991 with arrival of a daughter of Fawor, Alidada.

Cheval Arabe France, No 12, Dec-Fev. 1997
Pour la premiere foi depuis la fin del la seconde guerre mondiale, un Pur-sang Arabe appartenant a un eleveur prive de Pologne vient de gagner le Derby l'epreuve reine des courses polonaises.

Der Volblut und andere Araber, 4/1996
Was fur ein Pferd! Von Insidern eher belaechelt, 'nur' 145 cm Stockmass, aber ein Energiebuendel, die Muskulatur gespannt wie eine Stahlfeder: DEKOR, von Fawor, einem grosen Rennpferdevererber, der in seinem Pedigree 'COMET', einen der bekanntesten polnischen Hengste fuehrt.

Warsaw Business Journal, August 25-31, 1995
An Arabian can pay you back your whole investment, but you have to be patient.

The Kronicle, vol. 6, June 1993
Joanna Grootings, of Stadnina Koni Korfowe, Warsaw, recently announced the lease of Biquest, the full brother of Negatraz.