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Stay in Agritourism AgroKultura Korfowe during your travel to Poland.
Visit Warsaw and Zelazowa Wola - the birthplace of Chopin.
Tourist attractions in the heart of Poland.
living close to the nature
fot. Z. Sobkiewicz
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tourist attractions around Agritourism Korfowe

tourist attractions around Agritourism Korfowe

living close to the nature
fot. Z. Sobkiewicz

Kampinos National Park

lies north-west of Warsaw in the immediate neighbourhood of the city. It is the only national park bordering on a big capital city with over a million inhabitants. It is also the largest national park of the European lowlands, which stretch from the Atlantic to the Bug River.

The Park was founded in 1959 in order to protect the remains of the Kampinos Forest in the old valley of the Vistula River. The current Park area covers 35,000 ha, of which 15% is under strict protection.


The area of the Park has a rich history, related also to the battles for Poland's independence. Traces are the graves of insurgents from the 1863 uprising, war cemeteries from 1939, and partisan graves from the period between 1939 and 1945, and civil common grave and monuments. The cemetery in Palmiry is a national memorial site, where the Nazis killed 2000 inhabitants of Warsaw

There are several historical and architectural monuments of great value in the Park and its immediate surroundings, such as the Gothic fortified church from the middle of the 16th Century in Brochow, the wooden church from the 18th century in Kampinos as well as the mansion in Zelazowa Wola, the birthplace of Frederic Chopin and the Basilica in Niepokalanow.


Hiking, biking, horseback riding and cross-country skiing during winter are allowed in the Park.There are more than 357 km of marked trails. A total of 15 car parks, 6 resting sites and several camping sites located on the boders of the Park are at the service of visitors. During the spring and summer season a very attractive access to the park is provided by the old narrow-gauged railway that leaves from Sochaczew and leads to Wilcz Tulowski.

Natural attractions: fauna and vegetation of Kampinos National Park

The Park's landscape offers interesting contrasts. You will find next to each other sand dunes (at some places more than 28 meters high) and extensive peat-bogs. The dunes are covered by primeval pine forest, some parts of which are more than two hundred years old, while the peat-bogs are covered by deciduous forests, mainly alder carrs and marshy meadows.

The fauna consists of an amazing number of rare species. The emblem of the Kampinos National Park, the elk, is back again after 150 years of absence from the area. The European beaver was reintroduced in 1980, after several hundred years of absence, and the lynx returned to the park in 1992. Also red deer, roe-deer, wild boar, badgers and foxes inhabit the forest.

A great number of birds live in the Park, which lies on a bird migration route. Cranes, black storks, white storks, common herons and ravens hatch here. The European golden eagle the white-tailed eagle and the osprey were seen many times. Over 4,000 species of animals, including amphibians, reptiles and insects, have their home in the Kampinos National Park.

Tourist attractions - places to visit
tourist attractions around Agritourism Korfowe Zelazowa Wola - 16 km from AgroKultura Korfowe
Here, on February 22, 1810, Frederik Chopin was born. His manor house is a world-famous sanctuary dedicated to his music. You can visit the house and gardens and listen to piano recitals of his music (May-September).
tourist attractions around Agritourism Korfowe Warsaw - the capital of Poland - 30km from AgroKultura Korfowe
tourist attractions around Agritourism Korfowe

Granica - 6km from AgroKultura Korfowe
The neatly designed Park Museum and Didactic Centre in Granica near the village of Kampinos has been named after the initiators of the Park, Jadwiga and Roman Kobendza.

tourist attractions around Agritourism Korfowe

Narrow-gauge train museum - Sochaczew - 20km from AgroKultura Korfowe
The museum has the largest collection of narrow-gauge trains in Europe. From the museum a narrow-gauge train takes tourists to the western edge of the Park.

tourist attractions around Agritourism Korfowe Kampinos - 6km from AgroKultura Korfowe
Wooden church from the 18th century.
tourist attractions around Agritourism Korfowe Leszno - 6km from AgroKultura Korfowe
Neo-gotic parish church built from 1849-1898.
tourist attractions around Agritourism Korfowe

Brochów - 25 km from AgroKultura Korfowe
16th-century parish church at the Bzura River where Chopin's parents were married (1806) and Frederic was baptised. This fortified Gothic church is an architectural treasure.

tourist attractions around Agritourism Korfowe Niepokalanów - 15 km from AgroKultura Korfowe
Visit to the Niepokalanów monastery founded by St. Maksymilian Kolbe.
tourist attractions around Agritourism Korfowe

Palmiry - 35 km from AgroKultura Korfowe
The war cemetery in Palmiry, where the nazis executed more than 2000 inhabitants of Warsaw.

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